Dairy products - Šukar Farm

It was the year 2015 when Goran took the reins of the Šukar farm into his own hands. Young, full of knowledge and fresh ideas, and still eager to learn, he wanted to bring the farm to a higher level.

Subject Goran Šukar – holder of the supplementary activity on the farm
Address Bodonci 143, 9265 Bodonci
E-mail [email protected]
Mobile +386 31 679 328 (Goran)

Thus, in August 2018, the long lasting idea came to fruition - to make their own, home-made dairy products of superior quality, and as such stand out from the average, since no similar products were produced in Prekmurje. They set up a small production facility and a store in their own backyard where every guest is open handedly accepted.

Among their main products are grill cheeses of various flavors, yogurt and curd/cottage cheese. They offer pumpkin oil and pumpkin spread with garlic too. They are planning to extend their offer to other products in the future.

In order to talk about top quality and home-made food, the fact of 32 cows (with the desire to increase to 42 livestock units) on the farm and the involvement of the entire family in the whole production process and in the shop speak for itself.

Goran runs the »business« aspect of the business, his partner Danijela oversees the production work and »paperwork«, also the both children are generally helpful. Goran's mother is happy to help with various tasks and tips on recipes, which end up as the best local products of the Šukar Farm.

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