Lavender products - Osterc farm

Subject Matej Osterc – holder of the supplementary activity on the farm
Address Vučja vas 50, 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru
Mobile 031 206 687 (Matej)
E-mail [email protected]

Within its 400-years old history the farm handled everything else but lavender. From agriculture, cattle-, horse- and pig farming, viticulture, to beekeeping and lavender. Freshly graduated from Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the owner had an idea about maintaining ecological agriculture, more precisely about an ecological lavender plantation.

Lavender is a beautiful blue plant with an intoxicating smell. Lavandula angustifolia or real lavender, as called by some, grows on 0, 28 hectare of land, which means 1350 plants. The plantation is processed by hand and therefore ensures the highest quality of blossoms. They have a certificate for ecological plantation since day one.

They have their own distillery for processing the hand-picked blossoms and creating a 100% etheric oil and rose water. From the etheric oil and blossoms they create different products like soap, salt baths, lip balms and many more. Their selection is complemented by other ecological products like salami with lavender and pillows with buckwheat shells and lavender.

Their other activities are also beekeeping and maintaining an apple orchard. They produce various sorts of honey, typical of this region. They make aged apple vinegar and a 100% apple juice, all from ecological apples.

Grilly trademark originates from a nickname, handed down from generation to generation. Friends call the owner of this ecological farm Grilek (meaning: a lively cricket), a connection, that can quickly be recognized.

Let the intoxicating smell of lavender carry you into abundance of ecological products from Prlekija.