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Meat products Korošak are located in the immediate vicinity of Terme Banovci. With their supplementary activity they mainly deal with the processing of meat products and are especially famous for roasting piglets in a masonry/brick oven. In addition to roasted piglet, they also offer a variety of traditional home-made pork products such as: cracklings, sauté, fresh sausages, salami, meat from »tünka«, and several types of smoked meat. »Ćevapčići« are also available in the season of picnics. They also offer fresh pork.

Subject Meat products Korošak - Marko Korošak
Address Grlava 7, 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru
Mobile +386 41 707 155 (Mirko)
Mobile +386 41 788 039 (Klara)
E-mail [email protected]
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Mesnine Korošak is a vertically integrated farm - it has its own livestock, own slaughterhouse and its own processing of meat products. Their products can be bought in a boutique store at their doorstep.

Marko Korošak is the young head of the farm, with his sister Sabina and their father Mirko they create a good base which is complemented by Klara. If Marko and Mirko are mainly engaged in slaughtering, processing of meat and roasting of piglets, Sabina is the one who ensures that guests who come for their meat products or roasted piglets are not thirsty. On the other hand, Klara takes care of the sale of finished products, makes excellent cold cuts and takes care of the »paperwork« part of the business.