Products from aronia - J.A.N.A. farm

Farm J.A.N.A. represents a young family - Jan, Aleš, Neža and Ajda.

Subject Jana Divjak – holder of the supplementary activity on the farm
Address Dobrava 8, 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru
E-mail [email protected]
Mobile +386 51 438 368
Facebook Kmetija J.A.N.A

Initially, the idea was born: what if ... and this is how the J.A.N.A. farm started. They obviously used the initials of their names - and each family member put a part of himself into a mutual story.

Plantations of aronia (cultivar 'Nero') were planted in 2014. At the same time the outbuilding was rearranged into a processing facility. They complete their entire cycle from planting to processing on their own account, thus providing 100% local products.

They say that ecological products from aronia represent an investment in their own health, but they want to present and offer them to others, providing customers with native, natural, healthy and quality products. Their wishes and goals are abundant harvests, further development of product diversity and, above all, a high standard of quality in their products that affects health, and of course the satisfaction of all users.