Marmelades, brandy and vinegar - Ficko fruit growing

They make products that are special on the Slovenian market. The basis is a specially selected fruit type as they grow the first plantations of quince and medlar in Slovenia.

Subject Ficko fruit growing – Martin Ficko s. p.
Address Rogašovci 78, 9262 Rogašovci
Mobile +386 41 713 450 (Brigita)
Mobile +386 41 792 328 (Martin)
E-mail [email protected]
Website Sadjarstvo Ficko

At the beginning, they wanted to produce home-made brandy and liqueurs, but because of the smaller crop in a young orchard, they started to produce marmalade. Currently they produce jams from quince, old grape varieties, apples from the old orchard, plums, peaches and strawberries and Williams pears. These are home-made marmalades following the old recipes, without any additives or preservatives. They also offer three types of marmalade with no added sugar. With the growth of crops in orchards, they could start producing brandy from quince, medlar and plums. They also offer three types of liqueurs from quince, medlar and grapes.

They are a family of three generations, where each has its own place and tasks to fill the mosaic of the entire farm. The oldest generation (Vendel, Terezija) has been dealing with agriculture for decades and the current generation (Martin, Brigita) has begun to redirect the existing agricultural and livestock farm toward fruit growing, where the youngest generation (Maja, Jaka) already helps on the farm.

The microclimate of the western Goričko, ideal fruit-bearing slopes and limestone rich soil that reflect the remains of the Pannonian Sea give their fruit a special tone. Untimely weather conditions, which change year by year, are also reflected in the final products. They want to produce products as offered by nature, because their work in conjunction with nature gives them the best and the finest fruits.