Bakery Omar

Subject Pekarna Omar - Marija Omar s.p.
  • Rankovci 37, 9251 Tišina
  • PE Bolnišnica: Ulica dr. Vrbnjaka 10B, Rakičan, M. Sobota
  • PE Pekarna: Lendavska ulica 15, M. Sobota
  • Mobile +386 41 864 044 (Anton)
    E-mail [email protected]
    Website Pekarna Omar
    Media Vestnik - Pekarna Omar dobro kak inda

    The family bakery Omar from Rankovci, led by Marija and Anton Omar, named their line of traditional bakery products ‘Dobro kak inda’, which roughly translates into ‘Good as in olden times’. The most famous is the ‘vrtanik’, home-made rye bread, the ‘retaši’ and the ‘prekmurska gibanica’ (Prekmurje layer pastry). In recent years, the ‘idinjača’, ‘tikvača’ and ‘repnjača’ have gained in popularity as well. The second program includes more modern bakery products, which are also found in other bakeries across Slovenia.

    They are constantly working on improving the quality of their products. As said by Anton, Omar bakery also competed in the national evaluations with other companies in Slovenia. Gold and silver honors and quality signs were received at the evaluation of delicacies of Slovenian farms in Ptuj, at the evaluation organized by the bakery section at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and elsewhere.

    ‘Idinjača’, ‘tikvača’ and ‘repnjača’ are baked in a classic way in a masonry oven. ‘Idinjača’ includes cottage cheese, ‘repnjača’ turnip and ‘tikvača’ pumpkins. Many, even locals from Prekmurje, are truly excited about them when they try these delicacies. Nut, poppy seed rolls and some other cakes are baked in ceramic containers.