Are you from Pomurje, are you offering a great product and would like to become our partner?
Do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss our potential cooperation in greater detail.

What can you expect from your participation?

Potential access to boutique shops and restaurants, greater visibility across Slovenia and abroad, added value on products and potentially more products sold.

To become a part of the brand, it is necessary to meet the requirements and criteria that guarantee quality, all products have to be registered or approved by the MAFF-UVHVVR of the Republic of Slovenia.

CATERERS - would you like to place your authentic dishes from Pomurje on plates across the globe? Contact us for tasting!

TRADE - are you a boutique store with home-made and local products and would like to offer the best from Pomurje? Contact us for tasting!

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PristnoPomursko Team

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