The best local/home-made from Pomurje
in one place

Pristno Pomursko

Are you going to Pomurje? Then you're at the right place.

Check out where you can get authentic home-made products of the highest quality from Pomurje. Our members are expecting you with their doors wide open. Stop by, you won't be disappointed!


Following the endless desire to unite the best from Pomurje in one place, the brand 'Pristno Pomursko' was created.

'Pristno Pomursko' brings together the best local products from Pomurje in one place, which are carefully selected and tested for quality according to our own standars. Only thus can they qualify and rank on our list of the best. Every product that belongs to the brand name 'Pristno Pomursko' must be carefully checked so it meets the minimum quality criteria for processing, where the home-made feeling and the way of processing up to the final product stand out. The minimum criteria for taste and appearance need to be met as well.

For each product that is on the list of the brand name 'Pristno Pomursko', an agreement has been concluded with the processor, subject to strict conditions related to the product. These are boutique products, which in most cases are in limited quantities.

Pristno Pomursko encompasses the divinity of flavors in one place.

Meat products - Meat products Korošak

Location: Grlava 7, 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru

Meat products - Štelcar farm

Location: Kraljevci, 9244 Sv. Jurij ob Ščavnici

Marmalades, brandy and vinegar - Ficko fruit growing

Location: Rogašovci, 9262 Rogašovci

Dairy products - Šukar farm

Location: Bodonci, 9265 Bodonci

Products from aronia - J.A.N.A. farm

Location: Dobrava, 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru

Pumpkin oil - Vlaj

Location: Bodonci, 9265 Bodonci

Bakery - Omar

Location: Rankovci, 9251 Tišina

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